Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Social media platforms in Morocco witnessed widespread angry reactions, after a video was circulated documenting the moment of the death of a famous elderly woman on the TikTok application known as “May Saadia.”

May Al Saadia’s daughter sparked widespread controversy with her behavior during a live broadcast in which she announced her mother’s death, as she appeared screaming, crying and collapsing at her funeral, which led to sharp criticism from social media users.

Moroccan artist Nargis Al-Hallaq criticized this behavior, expressing her dissatisfaction with filming the funeral and transgressing the sanctity of the dead in the virtual world.

Activists on the Facebook platform expressed their belief that “May Al-Saadia” was subjected to exploitation and ill-treatment, and that she was a victim of pranks and recklessness.

For her part, Moroccan journalist Bouchra Daou, through her Instagram account, criticized the interest in such incidents at the expense of respect and morals.

Mai Al-Saadia, who was famous for her funny videos on the Tik Tok application, died yesterday morning, Monday, leaving behind a wide controversy about the use of social media in situations of grief and tragedy.

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