Thu. May 30th, 2024

Niger…An agreement with Germany to extend the stay of its forces in the country

Germany and Niger reached an agreement allowing “the temporary stay of German forces” in the country after the previous agreement expired on May 31.
2024, May 302:19 pm

The first Moroccan woman to sue AstraZeneca

Moroccan Dr. Najat Touati described the judicial ruling in her favor of financial compensation against the AstraZeneca vaccine as a fair ruling, which came after a marathon trial.
2024, May 301:08 pm

To finance the budget…Tunisia obtains a syndicated loan of $175 million

The Tunisian Ministry of Finance announced that the government will benefit from a syndicated loan worth $175 million from 16 local banking institutions to finance the 2024 budget.
2024, May 3012:12 pm

Libya recovers a Ptolemaic statue from the American Cleveland Museum

The Libyan Antiquities Authority and the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio, USA, announced a preliminary agreement to transfer a statue of a Ptolemaic man to Libya.
2024, May 3011:38 am

Sudan rejects the United States’ invitation to resume the Jeddah talks

Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar, announced that the Sudanese government rejected Washington’s invitation to resume the Jeddah talks, stressing that the government would not accept imposing the talks without consulting it.
2024, May 3010:57 am

Libya celebrates the International Museum Day

The Libyan Authority for Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, organized a celebration on the occasion of International Museum Day.
2024, May 2911:30 pm

Algerian legend Rabah Madjer…an icon in football history

Rabah Madjer is considered one of the most prominent football stars in the history of Algeria, as his football career began at the “Hussein Dey” club, where he played until he was 25 years old.
2024, May 2910:45 pm

A young man receives a fine for trying to jump on an orca whale in New Zealand (video)

The New Zealand Department of Environmental Conservation announced that it had received a report about a young man who tried to jump on an orca, after posting a video of the incident on Instagram.
2024, May 2910:10 pm

Egypt… The return of the Pharaohs Rally after a 9-year hiatus

The Egyptian Automobile and Touring Club announced the possibility of the return of the Pharaohs Rally to Egypt, as it is scheduled to be organized in August 2024 in the city of New Alamein.
2024, May 299:30 pm

The Egyptian army tops the world rankings for the year 2024

Egypt topped the Arab countries in the global classification of armies for the year 2024, according to what was revealed by the Global Fire Power Center, where it ranked fifth in the world.
2024, May 299:17 pm

The pink card appears for the first time in Copa America 2024 to enhance player safety

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) confirmed that the pink card will appear for the first time in the 2024 Copa America competitions.
2024, May 299:15 pm

Field Marshal Haftar praises Zintan’s positions towards national reconciliation and Libyan stability

The Commander of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, praised Zintan’s patriotic positions, stressing the importance of consultation between the components of Libyan society in order to achieve lasting stability.
2024, May 298:58 pm

American actor Johnny Wactor was killed in a car theft accident

Police in Los Angeles found the American actor Johnny Waktor shot dead last Saturday night, after unknown assailants opened fire on him while he was with his friend.
2024, May 298:11 pm

Crutch fight breaks out in the final of the Africa Cup of Amputee Football (Video)

The final of the African Amputee Football Cup between Morocco and Ghana witnessed unfortunate events, as players from both teams got into a fight using crutches.
2024, May 298:10 pm

30 fishermen were killed in a retaliatory attack by “ISIS” in Nigeria

Members of the terrorist organization “ISIS” killed 30 fishermen in a retaliatory operation against the Nigerian army in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria.
2024, May 297:24 pm

“Total” and “Verbund” are studying the production of the green hydrogen in Tunisia for export to Europe

The French energy company “Total Energies” and the Austrian utility company “Verbund” are considering producing green hydrogen in Tunisia, to export it via pipeline to Europe.
2024, May 297:00 pm

Continued Israeli bombing and food shortages threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands in Gaza

The Israeli war on the Gaza Strip is entering its eighth month, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are suffering from the lack of safe areas to which they can flee the bombing.
2024, May 296:20 pm

Pakistan… 27 people were killed in a bus accident in a mountain valley (video)

At least 27 people were killed, and more than 25 others were injured after a passenger bus fell into a ravine on a mountain highway in Balochistan province, southwestern Pakistan.
2024, May 294:28 pm

Russian official: The foreign assets transfer decree affects a limited number of companies

Director of the Economic Cooperation Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Bereshevsky, said on Wednesday that the decree regarding the transfer of foreign assets to a temporary Russian administration only affected about 10 companies.
2024, May 294:23 pm

A Libyan party calls on countries to protect the rights of migrant children without their families

The Libyan People’s Voice Party called on the relevant international authorities to take urgent steps to ensure the safety of unaccompanied illegal migrant children in Libya.
2024, May 293:22 pm