Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Tamara Capita, the Attorney General of the European Union, recommended the cancellation of the fisheries agreement signed between the Council of Europe and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Capita stressed that the European Court of Justice should annul this agreement, relying on an appeal filed by the Polisario Front before the European Court.

“All agricultural products coming from the Sahara must bear a sign confirming that they are independent and not from Morocco,” Capita noted, stressing that failure to comply with this is a violation of international law.

The final ruling of the European Court of Justice in this case linked to the judges’ current deliberations, while the Moroccan Foreign Ministry did not issue any comment in this regard.

The agreement signed in 2019 allowed European boats to fish off the disputed coast of Western Sahara, allowing nearly a hundred European vessels to fish in Moroccan and Western Saharan waters.

Moroccan media reported that it was the European anti-Moroccan lobby that demanded that the agreement be challenged.

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