Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

On Monday, French authorities arrested an 18-year-old student in the town of Chemel-en-Anjou in western France, after he stabbed a teacher in the face and fled.

A joint statement issued by local authorities, including the governor and the public prosecutor, said that the teacher was injured in the face and her condition was not serious.

The attack occurred on Monday morning, and the suspect quickly left the scene through the window, leaving his weapon behind. He was later arrested by gendarmes and municipal police, according to the authorities.

The officials said in the statement that the young man does not have a criminal record, and an investigation has been opened into “attempted murder.”

Public Prosecutor Eric Boyar ruled out the existence of any religious or extremist motive for the attack, explaining that the suspect expressed his feeling of “unhappiness” without referring to any complaints against the teacher.

Boyar pointed out that the teacher’s injury was “minor,” but that the “psychological impact” would be much greater than the physical harm.

Education Minister Nicole Belloube expressed her deep shock and anger over the incident.

In recent years, France has witnessed a series of school incidents that included attacks on teachers and students by their peers, which prompted the French Prime Minister last April to take measures to confront violence in and around schools.

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