Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The mountains of Wadi Doan in Hadramaut, Yemen, witnessed a state of panic among the people of the region and social media activists due to a strange phenomenon that included continuous cracks and the appearance of smoke from the mountains.

This phenomenon is the first of its kind in the region, which has raised anxiety and panic among residents.

Activists on social media reported that the mountains of Wadi Doan have been witnessing rockslides and continuous eruptions for several days, forcing many residents of the area to flee for fear of increasing avalanches.

Residents of the region confirmed that rockslides are continuing for the third day in a row on Mount Hisn Basim in Wadi Doan, which has raised a state of anxiety among the people, especially those whose homes are located at the bottom of the mountain.

The director of the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority in Hadramaut, Fayez Basurra, attributed the causes of the collapses in Jabal Hisn to waterlogging of the soil as a result of rain.

Basra warned that cracking in the area threatens to cause new tremors and collapses and advised residents not to return to their threatened homes.

Many activists on social media expressed their fears about this strange phenomenon, and one of them said: “Earthquakes happen, and the collapses that are happening in the Doaan Mountains are evidence of that.” Another added: “The Doaan Valley Mountains are cracking for the third day in a row. The people of Hadramaut.” Either a volcano will appear for you, or Gog and Magog will emerge.”

The causes of these collapses are not yet clear, but fears about their impact on the region continue.

Some activists on social media linked this phenomenon to the hadith on the Day of Resurrection regarding the emergence of the Great Fire from Yemen, especially from Hadhramaut, which is one of the last signs of the Great Hour and the first of the verses that herald the arrival of the Day of Resurrection.

Some of them said that the mountains of Aden are located above an extinct volcano, which increased the state of anxiety.

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