Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, warned that the possibility of the displacement of Gaza residents to Egypt would make resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible and cause a ‘terrible dilemma.’

Grandi said at the commission’s headquarters in Geneva: ‘We must do everything in our power to avoid such displacement of the people of Gaza.’

Grandi added: ‘Any further refugee crisis from Gaza to Egypt would make it impossible to resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees resulting from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.’

Grandi emphasized that the attack on Rafah might make the displacement of Gaza residents to Egypt ‘the only option available for their safety,’ stressing that this dilemma is unacceptable, and the primary responsibility to avoid it lies with Israel.

Grandi pointed out that the commission is working on emergency plans to address the possibility of Gaza residents reaching Egypt and providing support to the countries in the region in this regard.

The UN official stressed the importance of avoiding this terrible dilemma, which could put an end to the prospects of ‘lasting peace.’

Meanwhile, the Israeli army claims that there are four Hamas brigades still present in Rafah, in addition to a number of senior leaders of the movement, amid escalating tensions in the region.


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