Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

One person died and ten others were injured when a cable car tower( Teleferic) collapsed in Antalya, southern Turkey, on Friday, while 43 people are still trapped inside cabins.

The accident occurred at about six o’clock in the evening over one of the mountains of Antalya, where one of the cable car cabins in the Sariso-Tunkteppe line was shattered and fell into a rocky area after the collapse of the tower supporting it.

The Turkish Public Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) reported on Saturday morning that 128 people trapped in 16 cabins had been rescued since Friday evening, and the Turkish Minister of Justice announced the start of an investigation to determine the causes behind the accident.

The stranded people range in age from 5 to 70, including tourists of different nationalities, and seven helicopters and rescue teams of more than 500 personnel were directed to the scene.

The doomed cable car (Teleferic) has 36 cabins for 6 people each and reaches the “Tunektepe” facility with sweeping views of the tourist city of Antalya.

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