Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The UN Security Council approved by a majority of 14 votes Resolution 2736, which calls on the Rapid Support Forces to end the siege of the city of El Fasher in the Sudanese state of Al Jazeera.

The resolution calls for an immediate cessation of fighting and escalation in the region, the opening of the “Adre” border crossing with Chad, and the withdrawal of all fighters who threaten the security of civilians, whether from government forces or militias, in addition to allowing civilians wishing to leave El Fasher to do so in a manner consistent with international law.

The resolution obligated the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to make recommendations to enhance the protection of civilians in Sudan, calling on the parties to agree on an immediate ceasefire and remove obstacles to the arrival of humanitarian aid, at a time when famine threatens millions of Sudanese.

The resolution urged Member States to refrain from external interference aimed at fueling conflict and instability, while respecting the arms embargo.

For his part, the advisor at the Sudanese mission to the United Nations, Ammar Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed, objected to the use of the “Adreh” crossing to enter aid, pointing out that the cost of this route is three times the cost of entering aid through the port of Port Sudan, and called for purchasing food supplies from within Sudan. To reduce cost.

The Russian Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Anna Evstigneva, affirmed her country’s opposition to any imposition of the entry of aid across the border without the approval of the Sudanese authorities, considering this an infringement on the state’s sovereignty.

Evstigneva pointed out that the food problems in Sudan result from the difficulty of distributing them and the financial situation of the population, and not from the lack of supplies, calling for cooperation with the Sudanese government to address these problems.

The Russian deputy delegate called on some Council members to “stop hiding behind noble goals represented by the entry of humanitarian aid into Sudan, in order to promote their unconstructive agendas.”

In turn, the British representative to the UN Security Council, Barbara Woodward, welcomed the Council’s consensus on the resolution, which was submitted by her country.

The United States representative, Linda Greenfield, unanimously supported the Security Council, and said, “25 million need aid.”

This decision comes at a time when Sudan is facing an ongoing military escalation, as El Fasher is considered the only capital of the five states of Darfur that was not controlled by the Rapid Support, which witnessed violent fighting last May, raising fears of an aggravation of the conflict.

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