Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The Egyptian authorities deported 700 Sudanese who entered its territory illegally, and they were transported through the Arqin border crossing between the two countries.

These Sudanese had infiltrated Egypt through smuggling corridors, taking advantage of mafia networks that transported them under difficult circumstances to the Egyptian border, without legal papers proving their entry into the country through legal means.

The Egyptian authorities reported that the deported Sudanese were transported by 10 buses, including dozens of families, including many children and the elderly.

Two days ago, the authorities seized 7 buses loaded with Sudanese as they attempted to enter Egypt illegally on the outskirts of Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt.

In this context, the Egyptian government called on foreigners residing on its territory to quickly legalize their status and go to the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality to renew their residency and obtain a smart residency card to ensure benefit from all government services.

The government called on foreigners who are exempt from paying residency fees to register their data and obtain an exemption card, and gave them a deadline to obtain these cards, ending next September 30.

The government indicated that all services provided to foreigners who did not obtain exemption cards after the expiry of the deadline will be stopped, and they will be treated as violators of residency controls in the country.

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