Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The outgoing government’s Interior Ministry announced the opening of an investigation, after a circulating video showing security forces scrambling behind a supply truck, to get meals.

The video, which sparked a wave of resentment among Libyans, showed Interior Ministry police running and running behind the catering car to grab lunch, until some fell in order to get food, while others had to pick up their meals from the dirt.

Activists circulated on social media platforms, expressing their anger and resentment at this humiliating scene, as they considered the actions of the security forces as if they were receiving subsidies instead of performing their security duties.

Interior Minister Imad Trabelsi issued directives to open an immediate investigation with the committee supervising the catering process for distributing meals randomly and inappropriately.

This came in a letter sent by Trabelsi to the director of the General Directorate of Central Support, calling on him to submit the results of the investigation and the names of the members of the committee within 24 hours.

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