Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Two students in the Russian city of Mariupol reported receiving anonymous messages via “Telegram” offering them money in exchange for carrying out an attack on a school in their area.

The unidentified sender offered the two teenage students to receive 1.5 million rubles ($16,000) in exchange for an attack on “School No. 1” in the town of Novozov on March 25, student Igor told Russia’s Novosti news agency.

The Taliban said the messages arrived on March 25 after the Crocus terror attack on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday (March 22nd).

Student Igor said that the anonymous sender assured him in the letter that he was willing to pay this amount, and that if he agreed, he would determine the place of the meeting at a later date to complete the matter.

The “People’s Band”, a local organization concerned with sports activities for the population in the Donetsk People’s Republic, said that 3 teenagers received messages containing an offer to commit a terrorist attack, after which the account that was written to the teenagers was deleted, but the message was saved and presented to the responsible authorities.

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