Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The situation in Sudan is witnessing a serious deterioration at various levels, according to Sudanese human rights lawyer Shaima Sir during the conference “From Gaza to Sudan: Women in the Face of Aggression”.

Counsel explained that armed conflicts in several areas of the country have led to the complete displacement of residents from their homes and land, which has led to the conversion of homes into empty spaces.

The Sudanese human rights defender stressed that women endure the scourge of war in Sudan, where they are harassed and raped while trying to remove their families from conflict zones.

Regarding the documentation of rape crimes, she pointed out that there are large women’s groups that monitor and document, and 481 cases of rape have been documented, which is an incorrect number in light of women’s fear of reporting or the difficulty of accessing cases.

She explained that the Rapid Support Forces emptied homes of residential infrastructure through forced eviction, while destroying libraries, noting the difficulty of moving media crews inside the country due to government control of the media.

The lawyer called on the international community to intervene urgently to stop the violence in Sudan and provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflicts.

The lawyer’s words express the tragedy of Sudan in light of the difficult conditions in which the population is living and calls for urgent intervention to end the violence and provide the necessary support to those affected.


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