Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Moroccan Authority for Integrity and Anti-Bribery (AMCA) said Sunday that corruption prevails in Morocco and that the government is not serious enough to punish those involved.

The commission said in its latest report that the phenomenon of corruption has worsened in the Kingdom, which has raised doubts about the government’s commitment to fighting it so as not to threaten society.

The authority pointed out that global indicators show that Morocco does not hold the corrupt accountable and that the government lacks the will and capacity to combat corruption, especially in the areas of contracts and employment in local companies.

According to the study carried out by the authority, which included 1,100 companies, obtaining exceptional licenses and licenses is the main source of corruption at 57%, followed by government contracts and procurement at 51%, and finally recruitment, appointment, and promotions in the private sector at 50%.

The results of the report indicate that 68% of the companies studied believe that corruption is very prevalent in Morocco, while only 8% of companies believe the opposite.

Morocco ranks among the countries where the law is violated by officials without adequate follow-up and showed that 23% of companies faced types of corruption last year, of which only 3% were reported.

The Authority attributed the weak reporting of corruption to the inefficiency of complaints mechanisms, underestimation of corruption and fear of negative consequences that could be caused to the company, stressing that 75% of companies did not report corruption incidents they were exposed to.



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