Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The collapse of a bridge in the village of Ain Ghossein in the Ismailia governorate in Egypt has caused material damage and flooded large areas of agricultural land and housing.

The partial collapse of the bridge occurred at kilometer 10 and a length of 20 meters, as it caused water to be cut off from Suez Governorate, so the competent authorities called on residents to secure water sources in their own ways.

Authorities arrested a farmer for causing the incident after he tried to build an illegal water connection from the Ismailia Canal, which led to the collapse of the old bridge and the leakage of water for more than 100 acres in the farm.

The Ismailia Canal forms the backbone of the Suez Governorate’s water supply, originating in Sharqia Governorate and running through Ismailia before reaching Suez.

The governorate relies on a group of purification and pumping stations along the canal to supply water to the neighborhoods and areas surrounding Suez, in addition to watering crops, and industrial facilities also benefit from the canal’s water in cooling operations.

Major Egyptian companies are participating in the reconstruction of Libya

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