Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has warned of the dangerous effects that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine could have on Europe.

In an interview with the LEENA media network, which brings together the largest alliance of European newspapers, Tusk stressed that “war is no longer just a concept of the past, it has become a reality, and it began more than two years ago, and what is worrying now is that any scenario may come true, we have not seen such a situation since 1945.”

Tusk added: “I am fully aware that this sounds devastating, especially for the younger generation, but we have to agree that we have entered a new era, the pre-war era, I’m not exaggerating it is getting clearer every day.”

Tusk, whose country has been a major supporter of Ukraine, said that if Kiev lost the conflict, “nobody” in Europe would feel safe.

In the same context, the possible return of former US President Donald Trump to the White House is causing great concern on the European continent, especially after his skeptical positions on NATO.

“Our mission is to strengthen transatlantic relations, no matter who the U.S. president is,” Tusk said.

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