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Russian media sources have investigated new details related to the planning and attack on the Crocus City concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow.

One of the terrorists involved in the attack on the Crocus website admitted that a Renault arrived at him through an intermediary who was supposed to work as a taxi driver, after which he was invited to carry out a terrorist attack in exchange for a sum of money, and he agreed.

The terrorist Dalirgun Mirzwev bought a white Renault through the broker and lived in a hotel on Dmitrovskoye Street for about a month with another immigrant, Mohammed.

Mirzoev was arrested along with the three terrorists who participated in the attack, in a forest in the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine, after they fled with the same car he bought, intending to cross the border into Ukraine.

In a related context, electronic monitoring operations revealed that one of the terrorists arrested by the Russian authorities had published photos and videos of him in the Turkish city of Istanbul a month before he participated in the attack.

According to the Russian agency “Novosti” that the so-called “Shams al-Din Fereidoun” had published on February 23 photos and videos on the social networking site “Instagram” and amounted to 8 posts in one day.

In the photos, Shams al-Din is seen visiting a historical landmark, apparently the “Fatih Mosque”, in addition to eating breakfast in a public place, among others.

The initial interrogation of Fereydoon showed that he arrived from Turkey on March 4, and that he was recruited via Telegram about a month ago, and they offered him 500,000 rubles (about $5,000) in exchange for carrying out a random killing.

He was born in 1998 in Tajikistan and has an 8-month-old baby. He said he worked at a factory in Podolsk and registered in Krasnogorsk.

For its part, the Russian Investigative Committee announced that two Kalashnikov assault rifles, 4 sets of combat supplies and more than 500 rounds were found at the site of the terrorist attack.

The perpetrators reconnoiterated the site of the attack two weeks ago.

Returning to the information about the perpetrators of the attack, one of the photographers working at the site of the terrorist attack revealed information about one of the terrorist perpetrators who had been photographed earlier before the tragic incident.

The photographer reported that he recognized the terrorist Fereydoun Shams al-Din, 23, after he was arrested and his image appeared in all the media, noting that he filmed it by chance on the seventh of this month, when the concert hall in the mall hosted a concert by the Italian singer Alessandro Savina, and this confirms that the terrorists reconnaissance and study the place before carrying out their crime.

Remarkably, the date of Fereydoun’s visit to reconnaissance came on the same day that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow announced that it had detected reports that extremists had plans to attack large gatherings of people in Moscow.

The judiciary issues its preliminary verdict

On Sunday, March 24, the Basmani District Court in Moscow sentenced the perpetrators of the Crokos terrorist attack to two months in prison pending investigation.

The Investigative Committee added that when the attackers were arrested in the Bryansk region, a Makarov pistol, and a Kalashnikov ammunition safe were confiscated inside the Renault car in which they were traveling.

The court sentenced Mirzoev Dallergon, who pleaded guilty in full until 22 May, as well as the defendants Saeed Karami, Moro Dali Rashapalizoda, Shamsuddin Faraidooni and Faizov Mohammad Subir to the same period mentioned above.

The four detainees were charged with terrorism (Article 205 of the Russian Criminal Penal Code). The maximum penalty under this article is life imprisonment.

The terrorist attack on the hall of the “Crocus City” complex on Friday evening 22 killed 137 people and injured dozens, including women and children.


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