Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Vice President of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Malik Agar, affirmed the country’s commitment to resolving the conflict through military means, pointing to the inability to peacefully resolve the current situation.

In a speech at the headquarters of the 18th Infantry Division in Kosti, he praised the strength of the Sudanese army and that it “has not and will not be defeated.”

Meanwhile, SLA Chairman and Governor of Darfur Minni Arko Minawi announced his readiness to move to Khartoum State to fight alongside the Sudanese army.

Minawi pointed out in a video posted on his Facebook page that Sudan is witnessing a major crisis, and that it is time to contribute to the restoration of the country’s stability.

This escalation in the Sudanese situation comes despite international efforts to reach a ceasefire, as the Security Council approved a draft resolution calling for a truce on the occasion of Ramadan, but no final agreement was reached in this regard.

With the deadline of the “IGAD” nearing, the German Foreign Minister conducted an African tour aiming to address the Sudan crisis and manage increasing pressures

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