Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement announcing that it would consider the “F-16” fighter jets seen in Ukraine as carrying nuclear weapons.

The ministry confirmed in its statement that US-made “F-16” fighter jets are expected to appear in the Ukrainian theater of operations in the near future.

These aircraft belonged to dual-equipped platforms, where they could be equipped with nuclear and non-nuclear weapons.

For many years, this type of aircraft formed the basis of the aircraft fleet used in “NATO’s” “joint nuclear missions”, the ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry statement stressed that regardless of the modifications that will be made to these aircraft, they will be treated as a nuclear weapons carrier, and this step was considered by the United States and “NATO” a deliberate provocation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned in previous statements that the Russian army will confront the presence of “F-16” jets in Ukraine, and that it will consider striking them at their bases in the countries from which they originate.

He pointed out that these aircraft will face a fate similar to that of German “Leopard” tanks, American Bradley armored vehicles and other Western weapons in Ukraine.

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