Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Libyan presidential candidate Suleiman Al-Bayoudi said that he received a summons from the Criminal Investigation Department after a direct threat from Ali Al-Dbeibeh and demanded a law to protect presidential candidates from attempts to target them.

Al-Bayoudi explained that he received a call from an unknown number calling on him to appear before the Criminal Investigation Department, Al-Wusta Branch, without explaining the reasons for the summons, the charges against him, or identifying the caller himself.

Al-Bayoudi considered this summons suspicious and represented a use of the law in political and social issues, and called on the Attorney General to intervene immediately to protect him as a Libyan citizen who resorts to justice to implement the law.

Al-Bayoudi held the Al-Dbeibeh  family responsible for his safety and the safety of his family, including Ali Ibrahim Al-Dbeibeh , Abdul Hamid Al-Dbeibeh , the commander of the Joint Operations Force, and the commander of the Criminal Investigation Service, Al-Wusta Branch.

Al-Bayoudi revealed that he had received a direct threat from Ali Al-Dbeibeh  months ago, as Al-Dbeibeh  said that he was capable of kidnapping him at any moment.

Al-Bayoudi urged the House of Representatives to intervene to enact a law that protects presidential candidates from infringement and the use of influence and power against them, and to guarantee their rights guaranteed by law

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