Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Controversy prevails in Egypt after the announcement of a concert by Canadian artist Blondish scheduled to be held on the North Coast on July 26. This announcement sparked a wave of criticism and demands to cancel the concert.

Lawyer Amr Abdel Salam called on the Musical Professions Syndicate, headed by artist Mostafa Kamel, to cancel the license granted to the Canadian artist, protesting what he described as negligence in checking the political backgrounds of artists before approving their concerts.

Abdel Salam pointed out that this ceremony is a provocation to the feelings of the Egyptian and Arab people, stressing the need to take into account societal values ​​and principles.

Blondish, in a comment on her social media accounts, attacked what happened on October 7, describing Hamas as a “terrorist group.” It is also known for its advocacy of homosexuality issues.

Artist Blondish, known by her real name Fifi Diandi, is an internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer in the field of electronic music. She began her career in Montreal, Canada, but achieved international fame after moving to London and then to Barcelona.

Blondish is also known for its environmental activism and advocacy for sustainability and expresses this passion through initiatives such as Bye Bye Plastic, which aims to reduce the use of plastic in the music industry.

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