Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

An Egyptian official said that for the first time in Egypt’s metro lines, a glass wall will be built at the stations of the fourth metro line.

On the sidelines of a tour organized by the authority today for a number of journalists, to see the implementation work of the first phases of the fourth line of the metro in Cairo, the Tube Authority official explained that the wall aims to protect citizens from committing suicide or falling on the tracks.

The fourth line of the subway extends 42 km and includes 39 stations (37 tunnels, 1 surface + 1 overhead), and is being implemented in two phases: the first phase is carried out by the Egyptian national contracting companies (Arab Contractors – Concorde – Petrojet – Hassan Allam Construction).

The first phase extends for a length of 19 km and includes 17 stations (16 tunnels + 1 surface) from the west of the Ring Road on the borders of 6th of October City, passing through the Grand Egyptian Museum station, then Al-Remaya Square, then Al-Haram Street until the Giza station. The fourth line exchanges passenger transport service with the second metro line, and then extends to the King Al-Saleh station to exchange service with the first metro line, then to Al-Fustat station in the Old Cairo area.

The second phase involves exchanging service with the sixth line, which is being studied at Al-Sayeda Aisha station.

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