Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

American universities have seen tensions rise between pro-Palestinian students and academic administrations as a result of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza.

The protests began last week at ‘Columbia’ University in New York City, where a “Gaza solidarity camp” was set up and spread to other universities such as ‘New York’ University, the ‘Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology, ‘Yale’, and others.

The unrest coincided with the start of the Passover holiday, with a rabbi asking Jewish students to avoid campus until the situation improved.

U.S. colleges, including ‘Berkeley’, the ‘Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology, and other universities across the country, saw relentless protests, igniting discussions and demonstrations, and departments called on police to crack down on the protests.

‘Yale’ University issued an ultimatum to disperse the protests until the end of the weekend, warning of possible arrests and discipline, including suspensions.

‘Yale’ President Peter Salovy noted that officials spoke to protesting students about guiding policies, including those related to expression and allowing access to university spaces.

New Haven police spokesman Officer Christian Bruckhart said a large group of protesters had gathered again after Monday’s arrests at Yale University and blocked a street near campus, adding that no violence or injuries were reported.


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