Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Egypt’s Interior Ministry announced that a Canadian businessman of Jewish religion was killed in the northern Egyptian province of Alexandria on Tuesday.

The ministry said in a statement: “On May 7, a Canadian businessman, who resides in the country permanently, was subjected to a criminal shooting incident in Alexandria, and legal measures were taken, and a research team was formed to uncover the circumstances of the incident.”

In turn, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation said in a statement published on its official website, Wednesday: “Last night in Egypt, the Jewish businessman Ziv Kiefer was killed, possibly on an ultra-nationalist background while he was in the city of Alexandria.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem is examining this matter, and it is not yet known whether the murdered person had Israeli citizenship and was informed that he had Canadian citizenship,” the commission added.

For its part, the newspaper “”, that the dead man of Ukrainian origin, and hails from the city of Boryspil in the Kievska province in Ukraine, and resided with his family and family in the Canadian city of Toronto and obtained Canadian citizenship, as he belongs to the Jewish religion and one of the strongest sympathizers with Israel as well as his wife, where he visited Tel Aviv many times as a tourist and businessman in 2015 and frequented it a lot in many years after that.

The newspaper confirmed that the dead man owns 3 large companies to export vegetables and dried fruits, with a capital of about $ 60 million and branches in 3 countries: Ukraine, Egypt, and Brazil.

The businessman was killed while walking on the Abis agricultural road near the Smouha area of Raml Thani, where he was shot and killed instantly.



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