Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

An Israeli official has dismissed the possibility of Egypt withdrawing from its mediation role between Hamas and Israel due to its involvement in the conflict, given its shared border with the Palestinian territory, according to the “Times of Israel” newspaper.

The official, whose identity was not disclosed, stated that “Qatar, which has the trust of the U.S. administration, will also remain involved in the mediation efforts.”

The official confirmed that the Israeli negotiation team has secured some concessions from Hamas through intermediaries regarding the mechanism for the release of Israeli prisoners held in Gaza since October 7th, in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

On Thursday, two Egyptian security sources said that Cairo remains committed to helping negotiate a ceasefire agreement despite skepticism about its mediation efforts.

They noted that Egyptian mediators received phone calls from Israeli security officials in the past two days, expressing gratitude for Egypt’s role, according to Reuters.

Previously, Egypt had hinted at withdrawing from the mediation between Tel Aviv and Hamas due to what Cairo described as “attempts to undermine” its role.

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