Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Tunisia has categorically rejected the establishment of platforms for the transit or settlement of irregular migrants on its territory.

Mounir Ben Rejiba, secretary of state to the Tunisian foreign minister, participated in a ministerial conference on migration in Copenhagen.

Ben Rejiba stressed that Tunisia is making great efforts to rescue migrants, pointing to the initiatives it has recently engaged in in addressing the issue of migration, and pointed to the launch of the Rome Process with a Tunisian-Italian initiative as the latest effort in this regard.

Bin Rajiba also stressed the importance of addressing the root causes of irregular migration within a comprehensive and solidarity approach, aimed at achieving stability, promoting economic growth, and creating job opportunities for young people. Bilateral and multilateral cooperation was needed in that context.

President Kais Saied has unveiled a plan to settle migrants in the country, noting that he will not allow Tunisia to be a headquarters or a corridor for irregular migrants, but in return he welcomed all Africans “within the framework of legality.”

The Prime Minister of Italy visits Tunisia for the fourth time to combat illegal migration

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