Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Tunisian authorities arrested Cameroonian influencer Clara Foy while she was in a tent with African migrants on olive farms in the Amra region of the south-Saharan province of Sfax.

The online newspaper “Al-Shorouk Online” quoted an unnamed official source as saying that a suspected woman with the nationality of an African country had been arrested.

The source explained that the investigation work carried out by the security services resulted in the identification and arrest of the aforementioned woman, and the Public Prosecution in Sfax authorized the detention of the migrant from sub-Saharan Africa, for 48 hours, to investigate the reasons that brought her to Tunisia.

Hossam Eddine Jebali, spokesman for the General Directorate of the National Guard, pointed out that the so-called Clara Foy was living in one of the Arab countries in complete comfort before rumors spread about her presence in Tunisia, stressing that in coordination with the competent authorities, it was proven that she did not enter Tunisia officially, whether by land or air.

The case began with videos posted on social media showing Clara Foy living in a migrant camp in sub-Saharan Africa.

She is a Cameroonian influencer, followed by tens of thousands on social media platforms, often sharing photos of herself in countries as diverse as Dubai, Canada and Italy living a wealthy life, sometimes appearing as a nurse, sometimes as a model and sometimes as a singer.

Clara’s presence among illegal immigrants and her regular posting of videos from these makeshift camps have aroused the curiosity of many Tunisians to know the real reason for her presence in these places.

African irregular migrants are suffering from dire humanitarian conditions on the Tunisian-Libyan border, after being expelled from their homes following clashes between them and Tunisian citizens in the southern governorate of Sfax over the killing of a young Tunisian.

International organizations have denounced the deterioration of the rights of African migrants, denouncing the violent arrests and forced expulsions they face, despite the fact that “some of them are registered with the UNHCR or have legal status in Tunisia.”

It called on the Tunisian authorities to intervene urgently to put an end to arbitrary and unlawful refoulements, ensure the necessary and dignified care for these people, and allow humanitarian organizations to intervene to provide relief and medical care to them.

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