Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The UN envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batele, held a series of meetings on Tuesday, where he met with the ambassadors of Egypt, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Germany, and France to discuss developments in the political situation in Libya.

During his meeting with French Ambassador Mustafa Maharaj, Battelly called on all Libyan leaders to be visionary and committed to sitting at the negotiating table and sparing their country the growing risks, according to a post on the “X” platform.

The UN envoy noted that he exchanged views with the French ambassador on the political, economic and security situation in Libya, while renewing their commitment to all axes of the peace process, including the security track.

In another meeting with Egyptian Ambassador Tamer Mustafa, Batili discussed political, security and economic developments in Libya, stressing the need for all regional and international partners to participate positively to achieve a political settlement that paves the way for elections.

In a meeting with Dutch Ambassador Joost Clarenbeek, the two sides called on Libyan leaders to commit to a settlement to end the current crisis by participating in peace negotiations, and in a meeting with Tunisian Ambassador Asaad Ajili, commended Tunisia’s support for the efforts of the United Nations Mission in Libya.

Batteli concluded his day by meeting with German Ambassador Michael Unmacht and reiterating his call for Libyan leaders to join the dialogue process and hold elections, with the aim of achieving peace, stability, and prosperity in Libya.


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