Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Sudanese army announced on Sunday the arrest of foreign fighters, most of whom are from Chad and South Sudan, within the ranks of the Rapid Support Forces in the city of Omdurman.

A statement issued by the Sudanese army indicated that the operation led to the capture of a number of fighters, including minors who were deceived into fighting within the ranks of the Rapid Support Forces.

The statement affirmed the army’s determination to bring the detainees to fair trials in accordance with international laws, stating that the fighters were lured with financial promises.

This statement comes amid ongoing tensions and clashes in Sudan, where the army and the Rapid Support Forces have been engaged in fierce battles since April 15, 2023.

The conflicting parties seek to control strategic positions, with the war so far resulting in the deaths of about 13,900 people and the displacement of over 8 million, according to United Nations reports.

The RSF has not yet commented on the arrests, and authorities in Chad and South Sudan have not commented on the incident.


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