Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that its forces destroyed 236 Ukrainian drones within a day, while the daily losses of the Ukrainian army reached about 930 soldiers.

The ministry said in its daily statement that about 25 Ukrainian military personnel were killed on the Kopyiansk axis.

On the Donetsk axis, units of the “South” group of forces captured more suitable positions, repelling 4 counterattacks, while Ukrainian losses exceeded 480 soldiers.

Units of the “center” forces group also improved their tactical position and repelled 11 counterattacks, with enemy losses amounting to about 240 military personnel, on the Avdiivka axis.

On the axis south of Donetsk, units of the “East” group of forces improved their position along the front line, and the enemy there lost about 110 military personnel, according to the statement.

The statement pointed out that “the losses of the enemy amounted to about 75 soldiers, and a drone depot was also destroyed there,” on the Kherson axis.

A radar station was destroyed, and Ukrainian military forces and equipment were hit in 131 regions, in addition to the downing of 236 Ukrainian drones, a Neptune anti-ship missile and 5 shells from the HIMARS rocket launcher.


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