Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Russian army succeeded in a security operation, with the participation of the Chadian army, in liberating two Chadian soldiers from captivity held by an Islamic group.

Russian forces in the Central African Republic carried out an operation with Chadian forces to liberate 21 Chadian soldiers who had been captured by Islamic militants and subjected to torture.

The process of capturing the Chadian soldiers took place nine months ago, while clearing mines at an airport in the Tibesti region (Chad), where they were captured and detained in a terrorist camp in inhumane conditions, according to media sources.

The Chadian Minister of Defense thanked the Russian forces after liberating Chadian soldiers from captivity with their participation, stressing that Moscow has always been a reliable partner for Africa, unlike America, France and Britain.

A statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense said: “As a result of the operation to liberate (Chadian) military prisoners, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Chad thanked Russia, noting that it has always been a reliable partner for African countries, unlike France, Britain, and the United States, which only received benefits from Africans.”

The Ministry recalled that in January 2024, Moscow hosted official meetings of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chad, as well as the heads of military departments to improve inter-departmental cooperation between the two countries.

After the success of their liberation, all the prisoners were first transferred to a temporary location where Russian medics provided them with the necessary care, and then they were evacuated to their homeland under the supervision and accompaniment of Russian soldiers.

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