Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Libyan government appointed by the House of Representatives denied the accusations made by the Sudanese representative at the United Nations, and his allegations of Libyan involvement in supporting the Rapid Support Forces during the ongoing conflict in Sudan.

In an official statement, published by the government on its official Facebook page today, the government affirmed its policy of distancing itself from interference in the internal affairs of Sudan, noting that the conflict is an internal Sudanese affair.

The Libyan government also warned against attempts to involve it in the Sudanese internal conflict, or to exploit it as a party in settling political scores, calling on all parties to stay away from external influences and focus on paths of dialogue and reconciliation.

The government statement indicated that the Sudanese delegate “tried to divert attention from the humanitarian atrocities” being committed in Sudan, by “laying arbitrary accusations on some countries, including Libya, accusing it and its army of supporting one party at the expense of another.”

The government noted the need to give priority to the language of reason, to respond to international and regional calls to achieve peace, and to support dialogue efforts to stop what it described as a “cascade of blood” between brothers in Sudan.

During the UN Security Council session on Sudan the day before yesterday, Wednesday, Sudan’s representative to the United Nations, Al-Harith Idris, accused the Libyan “106th Brigade” forces of being involved in supplying shipments of ammunition and mortars to the Rapid Support Forces through the border city of Kufra to reach Sudan.

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