Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Libya’s customs authority denied smuggling 26 tons of gold out of the country, saying the operation was a temporary export of gold for manufacturing.

The official spokesman for the Customs Authority, Colonel Hossam Al-Sayeh, said in a statement published by the Customs Authority’s Facebook page that the aforementioned gold was exported based on official customs declarations issued by companies licensed by the Ministry of Economy, for the purpose of manufacturing and returning to the country.

Al-Sayeh added that the exported quantities amounted to a total of 25 tons and 857 kilograms, most of which were re-supplied after manufacturing, and the returned quantities reached 24 tons and 823 kilograms.

He also indicated that there are about one ton and 180 kilograms that are still “under settlement” in accordance with the legal legislation in force.

Leaked recordings revealed the smuggling of large quantities of gold from Misrata airport, sparking a wide debate about possible smuggling practices.

The Libyan state loses at least $750 million annually due to fuel smuggling, increasing the need to import petroleum products to make up for the shortfall caused by smuggling.

Sharp increase in the prices of the sacrificial animals in Libya due to Hurricane Daniel and the feed crisis

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