Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Grand Egyptian Museum project has received the EDGE Advanced certification for green buildings and is accredited by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as the first green museum in Africa and the Middle East.

The General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area, Atef Moftah, expressed his appreciation for granting the museum this certificate, which is one of the most important international certificates for the classification of green buildings, and is part of the International Finance Corporation project to support green buildings, which was prepared in cooperation with the National Center for Housing and Building Research to enhance the green building system in Egypt, noting that the museum underwent a comprehensive evaluation of the standards set in the fields of energy and water conservation and the percentage of carbon emissions from materials used in construction.

Muftah explained that the evaluation process included a field review of all the terms of the certificate, where the museum reviewed the many ways, it uses to rationalize energy, which are in line with the direction of the Egyptian state and Egypt’s Vision 2030 in the use of clean energy, and the installation of solar cells in addition to lighting and natural ventilation systems that allow visitors to average temperatures lower than outside in the summer and moderate temperatures in the winter.

Muftah pointed out that obtaining this certificate requires achieving 20% of the minimum green standards, stressing that the Grand Egyptian Museum has achieved record performance rates, as it obtained a conservation rate of 62% in the field of energy, a conservation rate of 34% in the field of water consumption, and a 59% rationalization rate of carbon emissions for building materials.

The Grand Egyptian Museum received 8 ISO certificates in the field of energy, occupational health and safety, environment, and quality, and won the Best Green Building Award during the “Environment and Development: Road to Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference COP27” organized by the Arab Water Council in Cairo with the participation of 12 Arab and foreign countries.


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