Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The World Food Program (WFP) has warned of increasing desperation among the population due to the ongoing war, forcing people to eat grass and tree leaves to survive.

The World Food Program, through statements published on Platform X, emphasized its efforts to expand emergency food assistance around the clock across the country, highlighting that child malnutrition levels have reached alarming heights.

Nineteen international humanitarian organizations have issued warnings about the dire situation in Sudan, predicting an imminent famine if warring parties continue to block humanitarian agencies from delivering necessary aid.

These organizations have called for the protection of civilians, ensuring the delivery of aid, and implementing a nationwide ceasefire to alleviate the suffering of the population.

These calls come amid widespread media neglect of the Sudanese crisis, exacerbating the current humanitarian complications. The conflict in Sudan has resulted in nearly 15,000 deaths and displaced over 8 million people so far.

According to the United Nations, Sudan needs $4.1 billion to ensure the necessary humanitarian aid for its population and refugees in neighboring countries.

At the international humanitarian conference held in Paris on April 15, 2024, international donors pledged over $2 billion to support civilians in Sudan and those who have taken refuge in neighboring countries in 2024.

Additionally, the “Partners in the Humanitarian Field” group issued the Sudan Famine Prevention Plan for 2024 on April 12, aiming to mitigate the food security crisis.

The group announced that life-saving aid would be provided to 7.6 million people in 167 priority local areas across the country over six months, requiring at least $400 million immediately to allow partners to pre-stock supplies and respond before the onset of the rainy season.

Sudan..20,000 people are displaced from their homes every day

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