Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Algerian army and naval guard forces announced the arrest of 658 smugglers and illegal immigrants in a series of separate operations over the past week.

The army statement explained that the campaign resulted in the arrest of 475 smugglers and the confiscation of a set of equipment, including 56 cars, 132 generators, 107 pressure hammers, 12 metal detectors, in addition to other equipment used in illegal gold prospecting and 81 tons of foodstuffs intended for smuggling.

Marine guard units also managed to arrest 183 illegal migrants of various nationalities, including 26 people who were on board traditional boats trying to cross the maritime border towards the European side of the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, a terrorist element surrendered to the military authorities in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, while army forces arrested nine individuals suspected of supporting terrorist groups in separate operations.

In 2022, Algerian authorities expelled at least 14,000 migrants to Niger, and 67 illegal immigrants of different nationalities were arrested in different parts of Algeria.

In 2021, 10,889 illegal immigrants of African nationalities were arrested, in 2020, 5,825 African migrants were arrested, illegal immigration attempts were thwarted and 112 people on traditional boats rescued.


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