Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Libya ranks first in North Africa and fifth in the Arab world, and 115th globally out of 199 countries in terms of intelligence averages, according to a recent American study.

The study, published by the American magazine CEOWORLD, explained that the evaluation of intelligence averages includes specific criteria accurately designed to achieve justice and equality, where intelligence averages are considered just one indicator of cognitive abilities and do not cover all aspects of human intelligence.

The study pointed out that Japan leads globally with the highest average intelligence of 106.48, due to its educational system, massive investments in research and development, and policies in the education and technology sectors.

Iraq tops the list in the Arab region with the highest average intelligence, followed by Bahrain in second place, then the UAE in third place, Lebanon in fourth place, and Libya in fifth place, while Syria, Djibouti, Morocco, and Yemen rank lowest in intelligence averages.

Tunisia ranked second after Libya in North Africa, followed by Algeria, then Morocco, and finally Mauritania.

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