Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Scientists from the Russian Saratov State Medical University are working on developing new computer programs that rely on artificial intelligence techniques, for use in detecting cancerous metastases in the bones.

According to experts at the university, the new software will help doctors detect cancerous metastases, known as “metastasis,” in people with bone cancer, and will enable them to monitor those metastases, make diagnoses, and choose treatment methods faster and more efficiently.

Experts said that cancerous metastases appear in the bones when infected with various types of cancer, and cause serious complications, including severe pain and bone damage, so it is important to detect them in the early stages.

The software developed by Russian scientists relies on machine learning algorithms equipped with large amounts of data, including radiographs and MRI images.

Thanks to these algorithms, the software will be able to quickly preview and analyze medical images, helping doctors make the right treatment decisions.

It is expected that the development of the new software will be completed and undergo trials by 2026, which will open new horizons in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of cancer and improve the quality of life of patients.


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