Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Russian ambassador in Khartoum, Andrei Chernovol, accused Western countries of interfering in Sudan’s affairs, and described the country as a target for those countries that seek to control it through local tools such as the Rapid Support Forces.

Chernovol added, in an article entitled “On Combating New Western Colonialism,” that the pro-Western Sudanese contributed to fueling conflicts within the country.

The ambassador stressed that the West is trying by all means to support the opposition to assume power, noting that the Rapid Support Forces, which he described as including a large percentage of mercenaries and foreigners, are the main tool for achieving the West’s goals in accordance with the Addis Ababa Agreement.

Chernovol stated that the Rapid Support Forces have committed many crimes and atrocities, making them vulnerable to being easily condemned and eliminated by their Western allies in the near future, noting that Western countries have used unethical methods such as falsifying statistics and distorting the statements of Sudanese officials to obstruct the arrival of humanitarian aid.

He also warned against the consequences of exploiting crises to open the borders and facilitate the supply of areas under the control of the Rapid Support Forces, comparing the situation to what happened in Syria, and pointed to a recent massacre in Al-Jazira State, where about 200 civilians were killed by the Rapid Support Forces.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had previously reported that the number of forcibly displaced people had reached a record 117.3 million by the end of last year, warning that this number could rise if major political changes did not occur at the global level.

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