Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

An “Il-76” transport plane loaded with a shipment of Russian humanitarian aid arrived in Niger, at the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Reports indicate increased Russia’s interaction with Niger, with the Pentagon cautiously reporting on the deployment of Russian troops on the territory of the capital’s military base.

A humanitarian aid flight from Moscow arrived in the Nigerien capital, where a large shipment of food and basic necessities was loaded onto trucks by the Niger army.

Sputnik Africa quoted a Nigerian military source as saying, “Russia has extended a helping hand to us and provided us with the necessary products, while other countries are besieging our state, and the general population is suffering.”

This aid comes as part of Russia’s support for the people of Niger, which has been provided significantly compared to the United States, which has ignored the suffering of the population at the expense of its military ambitions.

Relations between Russia and Niger developed even before last summer’s military coup that toppled President Mohamed Bazoum, with Russia supplying Niger with military helicopters.

Agreements have been concluded between the two parties on military cooperation, the supply of military products, joint training of forces and the exchange of counter-terrorism experience since 2017.

Russian experts recently arrived in Niger to train local security forces in the fight against terrorism.

The arrival of the Russian experts in Niger followed a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Niger’s ruling National Council, General Abderrahmane Chiani, during which the two sides agreed to develop cooperation in various fields.


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