Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Niger’s state television announced that Russia has sent “3 cargo planes carrying military equipment” to Niger, as part of joint cooperation to strengthen the Nigerien army and fight terrorism.

The official television channel Tele Sahel said that “Russia has sent, in less than a month, three planes transporting military equipment and a number of trainers to (the capital) Niamey.”

The television channel noted that cargo flights also carried humanitarian aid intended for the people of Niger.

US military personnel in Niger have announced “increased military readiness” due to the Russian position at the same base as the Americans in Niger, a source in the Nigerien security forces told Sputnik.

A source in the Nigerien security forces said that “the Russians are stationed at the air base, “101”, along with the Americans, where about 150 Italian soldiers and about 100 Germans serve.”

The source pointed out that “the Americans announced increased combat readiness, so that they wear helmets and protective armor constantly, and act very nervously.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said his country was closely monitoring the situation in Niger, especially with regard to the US base there.

“Washington is monitoring whether Russian military personnel have access to U.S. military equipment in Niger,” Austin said.

A Pentagon source said that Russian troops will remain at one base in Niger with elements of the US military, until the United States withdraws its unity from this African country.

Somalia is looking forward to expanding cooperation with Russia in many areas

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