Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Director of the Third Asia Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lyudmila Vorobyova, announced Russia’s readiness to increase the supply of grains and food products to Southeast Asian countries if they are exposed to drought this year.

Vorobyova said: “We are ready to consider the requests of our partners in Southeast Asia and supply food to the countries that need it, and Russian companies are interested in increasing grain supplies exclusively to Indonesia and the Philippines.”

Since last April, countries in Southeast Asia have been witnessing record temperatures, which in the Philippines reached between 42 and 51 degrees Celsius, which led to casualties, and in Indonesia, high temperatures caused an increase in cases of dengue fever.

Experts have warned of deteriorating food security in the region as a result of harsh climate conditions, so Russian supplies of grains may be a potential solution to help alleviate the food crisis.

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