Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Washington and its “NATO” partners are planning to carry out cyberattacks against Moscow, Beijing and other geopolitical adversaries.

The special representative of the Russian president, Artur Lyukmanov, who is also the director of the International Information Security Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on Saturday in an interview with the Russian news agency “Sputnik” that such plans under the pretext of “containing adversaries” are mentioned in “current reviews of US doctrinal documents including the Pentagon’s cybersecurity strategy and the international strategy in cyberspace.”

Lyukmanov stressed that representatives of the administration of US President Joe Biden regularly declare their intention to fight what they call “undemocratic regimes” using digital means.

NATO is forming a network of cyber laboratories along Russia’s borders, in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Romania, Lyukmanov said, stressing that Russia will respond appropriately to any hostile acts against it in the field of information security.

Lyukmanov noted that Washington has long practiced hybrid warfare tactics against Russia in the field of information, using Ukraine as the main training ground, where hackers, including from the IT army, carry out acts of cyber sabotage under the supervision of NATO experts.

In a related context, the head of the “Solar Group” of Ros Telecom, Igor Lapunov, revealed that the first day of the voting process in the Russian presidential elections last March witnessed the implementation of more than 90,000 electronic attacks on the election platform.

Lapunov explained that the sources of the attacks come from Ukraine and North America and said: “When we talk about such an unprecedented level of cyber-attacks, we must understand that the whole West is fighting against us.”


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