Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

According to sports reports, FC Barcelona is moving towards the dismissal of coach Xavi Hernandez at the end of the current season.

Xavi reversed his decision to leave at the end of the season in April, but Spanish reports said tensions between him, and club president Juan Laporta could lead to his departure.

According to Sport, Laporta objects to Xavi’s comments in which he expressed doubts about Barcelona’s ability to compete with Real Madrid next season due to the financial constraints the club faces.

After Barcelona’s win over Almeria, Xavi said: “We will try to compete with Real Madrid, but I think the fans have to understand that the situation is very difficult, first and foremost financially.”

Xavi added: “We can no longer say we want this player, this player, we don’t have the same conditions as other clubs with good financial situation.”

This comes amid a difficult season for Barcelona as the team was knocked out of the Champions League, Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup.

Xavi played for Barcelona for 17 years, making 767 appearances and winning 25 titles, including 4 Champions League titles and 8 La Liga titles.


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