Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a new peace initiative that includes a set of conditions for achieving a peace settlement.

The initiative came during the Russian President’s meeting with the leaders of the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he stressed the need for Russia to participate in any real dialogue aimed at achieving stability in the region and ensuring European security.

The basis of Putin’s proposals is to withdraw Ukrainian forces from new areas that Russia considers part of its territory, and to cancel any Ukrainian plans to join NATO.

Putin confirmed his readiness to issue a ceasefire order and begin negotiations if Kiev accepts these steps.

Putin set specific conditions for the settlement including Ukraine’s complete neutrality and disarmament, including the elimination of nuclear weapons and de-Nazification.

He also called for international guarantees of the rights and freedoms of Russian speakers in Ukraine, and international recognition that Crimea and other parts of Ukraine are an integral part of Russia.

Putin stressed that the goal of the initiative is not to achieve a temporary truce, but rather to end the conflict completely, warning that the West and Kiev’s rejection of this proposal will entail them bearing political and moral responsibility for the continuation of the conflict.

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