Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Nigerian authorities confirmed on Friday that part of a pipeline transporting crude oil to Benin had been sabotaged.

The public channel “Tele Sahel” reported that “individuals with bad intentions sabotaged part of the pipeline in the Tusker area (central east) on the night of June 16 to 17.”

Zinder District Governor, Colonel Issoufou Labo, inspected the site of the attack and said: “We have collected information and evidence about the suspected perpetrators, and all those who participated in this act will be arrested and tried according to their terrorist behavior.”

“Tele Sahel” channel added that this “act of sabotage” led to damage to the pipeline and caused the leakage of crude oil.

The pipeline extends about 2,000 kilometers to transport crude oil from oil wells in Agadim (northeastern Niger) to the port of Simi Kaboudji in Benin.


7 civilians killed in a terrorist attack in western Niger

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