Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

The Re-opening of the Ras Jedir border crossing between Libya and Tunisia

The Libyan Ministry of Interior announced the partial reopening of the Ras Jedir border crossing on Thursday morning and its full reopening on June 20, after it had been closed for more than three months.
2024, Jun 13, 10:40 am

The World Bank raises its forecast for the growth of the Egyptian economy to 4.2%

The World Bank raised its forecast for Egypt’s economic growth to 4.2% during the fiscal year 2024/2025, indicating that the “Ras El Hekma” deal that Egypt concluded with the UAE will enhance investment and support growth rates.
2024, Jun 13, 9:30 am

An ancient Coptic manuscript was sold at auction in London for 3.06 million pounds

“Christie’s” Auction House in London sold a collection of Christian liturgical texts written in the Coptic language, known as “Crosby-Schoen”, for 3.06 million pounds sterling.
2024, Jun 12, 11:30 pm

An Egyptian plan to localize the “electronic chip” industry

Egypt has begun new government steps to localize the electronic chip and semiconductor industry, through cooperation with major international specialized companies and expanding training programs for specialized technical personnel.
2024, Jun 12, 10:30 pm

Mouloudia Algiers and Paris Saint-Germain sign a partnership agreement to develop the Algerian football

Mouloudia Algiers signed a strategic partnership agreement with French club Paris Saint-Germain, during an official signing event that brought together the two teams today, Wednesday.
2024, Jun 12, 9:44 pm

A Libyan court sentences two Syrians to prison for detaining Egyptian immigrants

A Libyan court sentenced two Syrian defendants to eight years after they deliberately detained the freedom of three illegal immigrants of Egyptian nationality and demanded a ransom in exchange for their release.
2024, Jun 12, 8:57 pm

Al-Menfi discusses with the Russian ambassador ways to strengthen the political process in Libya

Today, Wednesday, the head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad al-Manfi, discussed with the Russian ambassador to Libya, Haider Rashid Aghanen, ways to strengthen the political process in the country.
2024, Jun 12, 8:14 pm

Arab League: Sudan’s crisis is unprecedented

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said that the war in Sudan currently is “unprecedented in Sudan’s modern history.”
2024, Jun 12, 7:29 pm

Libya’s non-oil exports exceed 3 billion dollars

The spokesman for the Libyan Export Development Center, Mohamed Hamouda, said that the value of Libyan non-oil exports amounted to $3.1 billion dollars .
2024, Jun 12, 6:44 pm

49 people died in a tragic fire in Mangaf, Kuwait (video)

A major fire broke out in a residential building in the Kuwaiti city of Mangaf, resulting in the death of 49 people.
2024, Jun 12, 5:57 pm

Libya ranks the sixth in Africa in fuel consumption…and the smuggling crisis worsens

Libya ranked sixth in Africa in fuel consumption, while it ranked 48th in the world, according to a report published by the “Business Insider Africa” website.
2024, Jun 12, 5:18 pm

Jude Bellingham shines as the new face of a company owned by Kardashian

Jude Bellingham, the Real Madrid midfielder, has become the new face of the “Skims” lingerie company, owned by Kim Kardashian, the famous reality TV star.
2024, Jun 12, 4:43 pm

The United Nations lists the Israeli army on the blacklist for the first time

The United Nations has included the Israeli army on its blacklist of countries and groups that violate the rights of children in armed conflict, for the first time in its history.
2024, Jun 12, 3:38 pm

Russia and Sudan continue the dialogue about a possible military base in Sudan

The Russian President’s Special Envoy to the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, confirmed that contacts are continuing between Russia and Sudan to establish a military base on the Red Sea.
2024, Jun 12, 3:36 pm

“Wallace” covers King Charles’ face in protest against farming conditions

Exciting events broke out at the Philip Mold Gallery in London, where animal rights activists affixed a large image of the cartoon character Wallace onto the first official portrait of King Charles.
2024, Jun 12, 3:09 pm

Morocco overwhelms Congo with six goals and Sudan maintains its lead

The Moroccan national team was victorious in its confrontation against the Congolese national team, defeating it 6-0 in a match held yesterday, Tuesday.
2024, Jun 12, 2:15 pm

Algeria maintains its position as the largest gas exporter to Spain for the sixth month in a row

Algeria maintained its position as the largest gas exporter to Spain for the sixth month in a row, ahead of the United States and Russia.
2024, Jun 12, 2:12 pm

17 people were killed and 23 others injured in floods in Niger

Civil Defense in Niger announced that at least 17 people were killed, and 23 others were injured as a result of floods resulting from heavy rains that struck the country.
2024, Jun 12, 1:53 pm

Nigeria loses hope of saving 20 workers after a mine collapses in the center of the country

Nigerian authorities announced that they had lost hope of finding at least 20 miners alive, more than a week after a collapse led to them being trapped inside the mine.
2024, Jun 12, 12:57 pm

Protests in New York against UAE support for the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces

Sudanese students and “sympathizers with the people of Sudan from various peoples and student entities” organized a protest in New York, “in rejection of UAE support for the Rapid Support Forces.”
2024, Jun 12, 12:06 pm