Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The death toll from food poisoning due to eating fast food at a shop in the Mahamid district of Marrakech, south-central Morocco, has risen to six deaths after the death of a child on Tuesday.

The details of the incident date back to last week, when 26 people, including a security man, were subjected to fatal food poisoning after eating a sandwich from a fast-food store in the Mahamid neighborhood, resulting in the death of 6 people.

According to press reports, the owner of the shop was arrested on charges of “participating in causing death unintentionally and removing objects from the scene of the crime.”

The security authorities closed the shop in question and seized a quantity of spoiled meat prepared for the preparation of fast food, in addition to expired foodstuffs, in the presence of a committee from the Health Safety Office.

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