Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

On Wednesday, marches and vigils will begin in Moroccan cities, organized by anti-normalization events, in solidarity with Palestine.

These events coincide with the 76th anniversary of” the Palestinian Nakba” and condemn the Israeli military offensive.

“The National Action Group for Palestine” called on Moroccans to participate in “a full day of solidarity with the Palestinian people and support for their valiant resistance, and against normalization.”

Activities include the organization of digital, physical, and field events in several Moroccan cities, as well as a central program in the capital Rabat.

Ahmed Wehmane, head of” the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization”, said the events came under the slogan “No Nakba after the flood… There is no normalization with aggression,” he said, stressing the Moroccan people’s condemnation of the Israeli military attack and calling on the typographers to return to the people’s choice of “Palestine is a trust and normalization is treason.”

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