Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Moroccan Public Prosecution announced the closure of the investigation file into the Melilla incident, which witnessed the death of 23 migrants and the injury of many as they attempted to cross the border into the fortified city.

The decision came after an evaluation that confirmed that the Moroccan security forces dealt with professionalism and decorum during the incident and was similar to the result of the investigation conducted by the Spanish Public Prosecution in December 2022.

Moroccan and Spanish judicial reports agreed that there was no evidence proving crimes or violations committed by officials during the incident, which occurred in June 2022 when about 2,000 migrants, the majority of whom were from Sudan and sub-Saharan African countries, attempted to…

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights strongly criticized the manner in which the Moroccan and Spanish authorities dealt with the incident and called on the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation, and clarified that the actual death toll reached 27 dead, in addition to reports of 70 missing persons.

The association’s branch in Nador stated that some of the victims were buried based on directives from the Public Prosecution after DNA samples were collected, indicating that the case was officially closed.


Rescue of a baby boy on a Moroccan plane

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