Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

The Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade, Riad Mazour, confirmed that the Italian authorities’ confiscation of 134 Moroccan-made cars comes in the context of the impressive results achieved by Morocco in the field of the automobile industry.

In his speech to parliamentary advisors, Mazour explained that Morocco’s success in this sector made it viewed by some countries as an integrated industrial platform that contributes to strengthening their economies, while other countries see Morocco as a competing platform that may harm their national industries.

Mazour said: “The partnership with Morocco in the field of the automobile industry does not diminish the strength of any industrialized country. French statements were previously widespread, and we tried at the time to convince them that the matter contributes to strengthening their industry, as we explained to them our desire to achieve integration in a way that preserves their competitiveness and strengthens our capabilities in creating Industrial sovereignty and job preservation and creation as well.”

The minister pointed out, “These cars that we are talking about come as a result of the alliance of two companies, which constitutes an added value both for these brands and even for the countries that they represent, at a time when we are trying to make this clear to countries that have entered into sovereign policies and see that they need to restore industries that they believe they have lost.” At a time when Morocco has the ability to provide this product.”

Mazur noted that the automobile sector is the first export sector in the Kingdom, as its exports amounted to 140 billion dirhams last year, adding that the current production capacity reaches 700 thousand cars annually, with future investments aiming to reach one million cars annually during the coming year, and one million And 400,000 cars over the next four years, especially in the electric car sector.

Regarding car prices in Morocco, the minister denied that they were high compared to Europe, pointing out that the cost of production in Morocco and Europe was the same, and that prices in Europe were supported by governments to support the industry.

The minister explained that the automotive sector in Morocco employs 260,000 people and has the potential to triple its exports in the future, making it a promising sector that imposes itself as the first export sector in the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that on May 15, Italian customs confiscated a shipment of 134 small electric cars of the “Fiat Topolino” model, which arrived on a commercial ship coming from Morocco.

The authorities in Italy said that the cars were confiscated because there was a sticker bearing the colors of the Italian flag on their doors, which could give a false indication of their origin.

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